Adaptive Music

Be part of the music creation!

Music is usually something that you listen to and react to. This is fine and has it’s place; it’s nice to make a playlist of you favourite music and be in control of setting the mood.

But what if you had another type of control? If the music started when you wanted and stopped when you felt like it? If the mood lasted as long as you wanted in any given situation?

Adaptive Music let you be a part of the creation and feel the joy and empowerment of hearing your inputs shaping the music.

It is not total control – if you want that, you must spend 10.000 hours learning to play an instrument really well – but it is a feeling of being a part of the music that a playlist will never give you.

We specialise in Adaptive Music, and our ambition is to further the life quality of people suffering from dementia, autism, ADHD and other physical and mental states where music makes a positive difference.

By combining intelligent algorithms with years of experience in the music field, we create unique experiences with sound.

The inmu

The inmu is a welfare tech product with integrated adaptive music.

The inmu is a pillow containing multiple sensors and integrated speakers, battery and our proprietary Adaptimus software.

The inmu responds musically to the way it is touched, caressed, swung and played with.

It will start playing when you pick it up, and cease to play when you put it down.

It is very intuitive to use, and gives a sense of empowerment and co-creation when played with. It can be used by everyone from young children to elderly with dementia.

Since the musical algorithms works as a sound kaleidoscope, the music is non-linear and will never repeat itself.